Lyrics Explanation Auri Sacra Fames

Struck down upon these hateful sands.

Drawing my last breath in this foreign wasteland.

So far from my home. Led to die for his gold.

They filled our ears with lies.

Painting an image of people with freedom denied.

(The protagonist has been sent to war within the desert where he is mortally wounded. He also believes that this war is

fueled by the greed of those who would benefit and that a false reason has been given to justify the violence.)

So we left our families and homes behind.

Never once suspecting the treachery which lies

beneath the veil so cleverly they disguised.

Greed entombed, the motive in your lies.

(This speaks of the protagonist’s departure for war as well as the initial trust given to those who sent the protagonist. The

protagonist also speaks of the depth of the lie and the cleverness of it’s obscurity. The last sentence is suggesting that those

who would send the protagonist and others to death for wealth are “entombed” by their own greed which has hardened

their hearts.)

Lies desecrate the memories of our lives.

Feigning grief, you profit as we die.

(The first sentence is stating that honest soldiers die for dark purposes that were unknown to them, which in turn, places a

darkness on the name of these honorable people who thought they were fighting for a good cause. The second sentence

speaks of the people who profit from the war and how they hide behind false grief and even use the death of these soldiers

to further infuriate a deceived public to gain additional favor to their cause. )

Heroes heed your emperor’s call to arms.

Question not what you’re fighting for.

Your fate is mine alone.

(This portion of the song is spoken from the point of view of those who fuel the war for personal gain. In this the “emperor”

is a collective force of powers that have political control through financial means. This “emperor” summons the power of the

government’s military to fight for it and scoffs at the idea of a soldier questioning it’s true intent. The final statement shows

the depravity of this “emperor” as well as highlights the truth of it’s power over other people’s lives.)

Red sand, red sun, my life has come undone.

(In this statement the protagonist is declaring the certainty of his doom within the desert.)

A bleak day beneath a raging sun.

If ever a hell there was, I’ve found it here.

I’ve traveled both land and sea to see my life undone

and pour into oblivion.

(In this portion of the song the protagonist speaks of the psychological toll and taxing climate of the desert as well as the

horrors of war and of looming death. It also speaks of the protagonist’s perception of the irony for him to travel so far only

to die.)

Where they make a wasteland they call it peace.

(This speaks of how these greed fueled wars devastate these victims homelands and how that devastation is declared as

victory and peace despite its horrific effects upon innocent people.)

Vox clamantis in deserto. Qui tacet consentire videtur.

(This is translated as “A voice crying in the desert. He who is silent is taken to agree.” Which is effectively saying that there

are victims of these wars and our silence and unwillingness to act gives consent to their suffering.)

Auri Sacra Fames!

(Translated as “Accursed hunger for gold!”.

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